Over Mountains

Long distance love affair

Romance novel of yore

Bluegrass hillbillies & modern folklore

Soldier of war
Sanguine Knight
Brave but sweaty
Standing tall for the flight

Victory memorabilia minted
Collective memories in newspapers printed

Promise land ashore

Fruits of longing
Cautious optimism for what’s in store
Sweet somethings, shared vision
Promise galore

Voluntary encampment by rapid fire exchange
Heart and mind somehow changed

A revolution prime
A calamity of space & time
A vivid dream turned feelings that linger upon waking

The sun at dusk

Rising each dawn with supple aching
Peaks & valleys of life
A fire tended
Smoke signals from base
Over hillsides of uncertainty
Blind beyond their line…

Morse code
Rhythmic SOS patterns
Battle cries from head & bleeding heart
Resistance cords

Birds. alarm. song

Warfare without boundary
Internal turmoil & personal upheaval
No logic past bulletproof chambers

Cold war
Dodging inner-city bullets
Civil war follows
Refugees flee
A martyr refuses

Chemical warfare
Barren lands
Empty bellies
3-legged amphibians
Flightless bird
Toxic Earth
Darkened hallow

Apocolypse now
Life listless
Sheer exhaustion

Streams of hologram
Iridescent reds & blues

Dizzied from foggy haze
Fending pacing carnivore zombies…

Limbs mangled
Appendages amputated
Innards raw from parasitic attack


Empty commuter train passes
No jet planes overhead
Time folds…
Surplus ransacked…
Ashes blanket…
White flag waved in the night of black

Love recinded 

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