Ice Cream Before Dinner

Ice cream before dinner when…

Your children are nagging you all afternoon for “Old McDonald’s” cheeseburgers, so, in a moment of weakness, you agree but suddenly change your mind while waiting in the drive-thru and tantrums ensue, squared. #MomFail

Ultimate mom win when the homemade burgers are promised to be exactly the same as McDonald’s and the two year old exclaims, “It’s the same!”

Ice cream before dinner when…

…you’ve promised your daughter a new My Little Pony in exchange for good behavior and at the checkout line at Target you discover you don’t have your wallet!

Ice cream before dinner when…

…you lost track of time while on Facebook and everyone’s crabby and hungry as hell and you forgot you’re and single mom and the responsible adult that must prepare food to feed everybody and you need to buy time while you figure out what the hooty is for dinner.


Ice cream before dinner when…

…you discover mold on the cheese intended for grilled cheeses

Ice cream before dinner…

…obviously when it’s 95 degrees in Minnesota and the dew point is like 800 so the humidity feels tropical and oppressive as h.e.double hockey sticks  and you can’t move or you’ll drip a kiddie pool amount of sweat all over and then you’ll have to clean that up too.

Ice cream before dinner when…

…the reality of being a single mom sets in and you’re so lethargic that you put your kids in front of the TV or their tablet for excessive screen time while you lie listless in bed or indulge in a glass of wine for a little brain-space while pulling yourself together.

Ice cream always before mom screams 🙂 You’re welcome.



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